Do you sometimes have the following thoughts, beliefs or feelings?

  • I am alone with my pain and nobody seems to understand me
  • I feel like I can't show people who I truly am 
  • I am afraid that people won't like me
  • I often feel like I don't belong 
  • I feel like there is something wrong with me
  • I want connections but I am also afraid of them
  • I feel stuck and I don't see a way out of this dark place
  • I feel a hole inside me which I don't know how to fill
  • I feel like a chameleon trying to please everyone 
  • I want to put an end to this suffering

Adoptive Parents

Do you notice these behaviours in your adopted child?

  • He rejects your love and pushes you away
  • She acts out or is aggressive
  • He is often sad and depressed
  • She is often scared, fearful or overly anxious
  • He speaks negatively about himself
  • She has difficulties regulating her emotions
  • He struggles with expressing his needs and emotions
  • You feel hurt and rejected as a parent
  • You don't understand what is going on in your child's mind and heart
  • You feel incompetent as a mom or dad
  • You wonder if you took on more than you can handle 
  • You love your child but she doesn't seem to take it in
  • You want to know more about how to support your child in her struggles 


Trauma Survivors

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