My Story 

My name is Nicole Gfeller. 

I am a Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified Art Therapist, Certified Expressive Arts Therapist, and Certified Life Coach.

I am also an international adoptee, born in Peru and raised in Switzerland, as well as an immigrant who decided to move to Vancouver and settle down here.

After being an ESL teacher in high schools in Switzerland for more than six years, I decided to change my career. I realized that I wanted to work and support people on a more emotional and psychological level. This is when I decided to move to Vancouver, Canada, and become a therapist. After three years of intensive studies, I became trained in the fields of art therapy, expressive arts therapy, counselling and life coaching.

I first decided to work with immigrants because I could easily relate to them. My journey, though exciting and rich in learning experiences, was paved with challenges and struggles before I was finally able to make Vancouver my home. Changing careers, starting from scratch, being in the unknown, grieving some losses, adapting to a new culture, losing some connections, creating a new community are some of the themes associated with my immigration.

The theme of adoption had always been a theme very close to my heart, even though I only started exploring this aspect of my life when I decided to find my birth mother a few years ago. Before that, this topic seemed to lay dormant within me, untouched, unexplored, undiscovered, and mostly repressed. I knew that my adoption played a big role in my life, but I wasn't very conscious of the extent to which it had designed and shaped my life. My whole world changed when I started exploring who I was, gaining insight and self-introspection, challenging my thoughts and beliefs, giving myself permission to express emotions, improving my relationships with others, working on my self-esteem, confronting my fears and doubts, learning to trust others, as well as receiving and accepting other people's love. Learning about myself, coming to peace with my adoption and changing my own life prepared me and paved my way towards supporting other adoptees, whether adults, youth or children.

With my variety of trainings and personal experiences, I am now ready, open and excited about helping other people in similar life situations work through their challenges, set goals, make changes and create the life that they truly want and deserve.


Qualifications and Trainings

  • Professional Counselling Diploma (Rhodes Wellness College, Vancouver, CA) 
  • Life Coaching Certificate (Rhodes Wellness College, Vancouver, CA)
  • Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma (Vancouver Expressive Arts, Vancouver, CA)
  • Post-Master's Art Therapy Diploma (Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, Canada)
  • ESL Teaching Degree (Pädagogische Hochschule Bern, Switzerland)
  • Master of Arts (University of Fribourg, Switzerland) 



  • Member of the "Canadian Professional Counsellor Association" (CPCA) (#3804)


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