Arts Therapy 

The arts is a wonderful way of self-introspection and self-expression that can complement or replace talk-therapy. Whether we do not find the words to share what is going on for us or whether we do not feel comfortable expressing ourselves verbally, art-making can be used as a language and a tool in order to externalize whatever is happening inside us. My task is to give you the space to express yourself creatively, to allow you to explore and make meaning of what you created. By tapping into the imagination, we will get a deeper understanding of your current challenge and of the changes you want to make.

We may use a wide variety of art media, such as drawing, painting, writing, movement, music, story telling or drama. As this is not an arts class, we are not focusing our attention on the aestheticism of the artwork. On the opposite, we are interested in the process of making art, on the feelings and thoughts, on the exploration and insight that happens while you are making art. Moreover, we will also be exploring the outcome by looking at your creation, reflecting on it, understanding it and making meaning of it, exploring the metaphors in it, and receiving the lessons and messages from it.

Last but not least, making art can be therapeutic in itself as it releases the "happiness hormone", dopamine. It allows our body to relax, be focused in the present moment, and experience a moment of quiet in the midst of our busy lives. 


With client-centered counselling, we will look at the obstacles and difficulties that are blocking you from living a fulfilling life. We will look at the origin of these problems by going back to your childhood and explore the roots of your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. We often hold a lot of conscious or unconscious hurts from the past which we have been carrying in our backpack for years.

Slowly opening the bag of past hurts and gently exploring the painful emotions is part of the healing process from the past. This work will allow us to gain self-awareness of our thoughts and behaviour, to decrease assumptions and judgments, to change negative beliefs into more realistic ones, to express emotions, to tame the inner critic, to have empathy and compassion with ourselves, to make peace with our past, to learn to take care of ourselves and regulate our emotions, to start looking towards the future and create positive changes in our lives.

Life Coaching

With life coaching, we will examine what is happening in your life right now, identify the challenges, set goals for the changes you would like to make, and work on strategies to reach your goals.

Life Coaching is based on positive psychology and, therefore, we will be looking at what is working for you, where your strengths lie, what tools you already possess to develop a fulfilling life. Learning, challenging oneself, acquiring new tools and techniques, stepping out of one's comfort zone, moving forward, taking a leap of faith are all components of life coaching. The idea is that everyone is gifted with the possibilities to create the life they want and has the keys to unlock the doors that will stimulate positive change. As the life coach, my job is to help you find the right keys which you have within you, and may have lost sight of.

As life coaching is client-centered, you will be treated as the expert of your life. My task is to assist you in your journey towards your goals by asking you questions, encouraging and supporting you, challenging and holding you accountable for your choices, advocating and reminding you of your goal, levelling your commitment and requesting actions, in order to help you move closer towards your ultimate goal.

Relational Somatic Therapy

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