Immigration and Its Challenges

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Immigrating is a process that involves many losses. When loss is involved, so is grieving. Whether struggling with your degrees to be recognized in the host country, having to start from scratch in terms of education and work, being faced with loneliness for lack of social connections, missing family and friends who stayed home, not knowing the culture or language, immigrants are faced with so many challenges that it is not a surprise that a period of grieving may happen. Talking about the challenges and expressing emotions are helpful. Because newly arrived immigrants are often lacking social support and connections, a counsellor can help with this challenging transition period. Also, writing is another form of self-expression which can be healing and therapeutic, so feel free to express yourself in the comments below and share some of your challenges when first moving here. "Externalizing the problem" is the first step towards feeling better. What did you find challenging when first moving to this country?

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